Imagine a situation: you want to buy jewelry that you really like. But you doubt the integrity of the seller or the quality of the product. The two most popular tips are to contact a specialist for verification or not to buy at all. But how to relate the jewelry not yet purchased to an expert and what to do if you want to put it on yourself now? The answer is simple: try to determine the authenticity of the jewelry yourself. We tell you how to do it. The now gold rate is 44.33 USD.


A tag is the first thing you need to pay attention to. Look at what is written on it. The tag must contain the following information:

  • Name and article of decoration
  • Name of precious metal and its fineness
  • Product size and weight in grams
  • Name and description of the insert
  • GOST designation
  • Stamp of the department of technical control
  • Name of manufacturer and its legal address

AQUAMARINE company places a QR code on the tag, with the help of which you can be sure in a matter of seconds right in the jewelry store that you are holding an authentic brand product in your hands.


Immediately after inspecting the tag, find a stamp with a sample of precious metal on the jewelry. As you already know, the types of samples are determined by the state. The same applies to the shape of each brand:

  • On gold – in the form of a scapula
  • On silver – in the form of a barrel
  • On the platinum – octahedron
  • On palladium – a truncated cone with a semicircular base

A girl in a kokoshnik in profile is always engraved on the Russian mark. To her left is the letter of the inspection, and to her right is a metal sample. This stigma puts the Assay Chamber.


Advanced jewelry companies next to the state brand also put their own. It is called a nickname. State brand and company name of AQUAMARINE: FOREIGN BRANDING

Impressions of foreign jewelry are different from Russian. The Ukrainian coat of arms or chestnut leaf is engraved on Ukrainian products:

On prints of Western jewelry, the sample, as you know, is indicated in carats. Foreign goods sold in Russia must also bear the hallmark of the Assay Chamber. If it is not there, you will either have a fake or a “gray” product.

The stigma is not always an indicator of the authenticity of jewelry. Fraudsters themselves can put an assay chamber stamp on a product or hang a small pendant with a real brand on a fake chain. Buy jewelry produced by those factories that are well established in the market. AQUAMARINE takes care of its customers and always produces quality jewelry.



There are many Chinese sites on the Internet that sell jewelry. Most of the products presented here are of high quality, but there are exceptions.

Unscrupulous sellers in the guise of, for example, silver can put up for sale ordinary brass. Moreover, in the photo, the product has a silver color, marked S925, and the description says sterling silver or sterling silver jewelry.

How to recognize a fake? Very simple – pay attention to the price. No silver product can cost 1.5–10 US dollars. Most likely, this is brass, coated with a thin layer of precious metal. Therefore, the decoration will quickly become worthless.  The 22K gold rate is 44.33 USD.

Real sterling silver costs between $ 5 and $ 10 per gram. Note: not for the whole decoration, but for 1 gram. Plus add product design complexity to this price.



As you know from the article about testing on gold, in Russia, the test of each jewelry item is regulated by the industry standard. And what is wrong with Turkish gold? So, on points:

  1. There is no gold mining in Turkey. Local factories make jewelry from German or American precious metal.
  2. The alloy can have completely different ligatures. For example, often palladium in the product is replaced with nickel, which in many people causes an allergic reaction.
  3. In Turkey, there is no state control of jewelry activities. There may be such a sample on the product as the manufacturer himself wanted to deliver.
  4. Under the guise of gold jewelry, the Turks often offer to buy tombak – an alloy of zinc and copper, which gives the jewelry a golden color. Such fakes are found even in large stores.

Of course, you can please someone with Turkish gold jewelry. But soon the problems will begin with the product.

Do not buy gold product 958 with a reddish tint in Turkey. Most likely, you are being deceived and instead of almost pure gold, they want to sell goods with a high copper content.

Do not want to become a victim of fraud? Try authenticating the product in two ways.

  1. Hearing test. Take two products: yours and the one you want to buy. Throw on the table from a height of 20 cm, first the first decoration, and then the second. Sound from falling from a new product should be the same as from an old one. Real precious metal rings beautifully and jumps high after an impact.
  2. Psychological test. Try fingering a new product with your fingernail and look at the seller’s reaction. If the consultant starts to get nervous, refuse the purchase.

Remember that real gold and silver are roughly the same all over the world.


  1. Buy jewelry only at trusted stores and only with a tag from a trusted manufacturer.
  2. Correlate the data on the tag with how the product actually looks: weight, metal, the name of the inserts and even the name of the decoration itself.
  3. Check the sample of metal and the shape of the mark. Remember the difference between the forms of Russian and foreign prints.
  4. On chains, usually, a print with a breakdown should be located on the connecting link.
  5. Beware of Chinese silver products that cost less than $ 20.
  6. Products with zero gold content can be found even in large Turkish stores. Check the jewelry at least for the sound of the fall or try to scratch it with a fingernail.
  7. Remember that gold and silver in Asian countries cannot be cheaper than in European ones.

In the next article, we will focus on necklaces and necklaces. This is a special type of jewelry that is important to consider separately.

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